Apple retail stores losing their luster?

Full disclosure; I’m a full on Apple Fan Boy. I’ve been a user of Apple products since the late 80’s and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Having said, that I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the Apple Stores as this article illuminates:
Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed that it’s become next to impossible to efficiently buy a product. Yes, that’s right. The previously near perfect retail environment of Apple has somehow made it difficult to purchase hardware.
Each of the 5 times I’ve had to visit a store over the past couple of years, I found it very difficult to get the attention of someone to actually sell you something. There are no door greeters, no signage to know what department is what, and a random team of staff roaming around aimlessly. You can roam the store forever before anyone would ask you if you needed help. This was not always the case. it used to be very welcoming and effective.

I feel that Apple would benefit greatly from getting back to what made their retail stores so great to begin with; being greeted at the door, clear understanding of where to go and how to purchase items… and bring back the Genius Bar!

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