Apple retail stores losing their luster?

Full disclosure; I’m a full on Apple Fan Boy. I’ve been a user of Apple products since the late 80’s and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Having said, that I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the Apple Stores as this article illuminates: https://bit.ly/2XWxqBP Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed that it’s become next to impossible to efficiently buy a product. Yes, that’s right. The previously near perfect retail environment of Apple has […]


Tips for a more effective resume.

Read this article a little while back and the tips seem to be pretty useful. Although I work with myself and haven’t had need of a resume for more than 20 years, I do see my share of  resumes from those applying for work. Like the author, I’ve seen them all. Some good and many that are not so good. This article is a refreshing point of view on what makes a resume stand out. […]


Nothin’ from nothin actually DOES leave somethin’!

Nothin’ from nothin actually DOES leave somethin’! Well, at least on Kickstarter. This creative team found a way to promise absolutely NADA and got funded many times over! With its heavy craft paper, embossed insignia, blue foil print, holographic security sticker, and heavy wax seal, this envelope screams importance. It looks like the love child of a raven-borne letter on Game of Thrones and a shiny new credit card. In fact, what you’re looking at is Nothing–a […]


10 Wildly Successful Businesses That All Started in a Garage

If you been in business for a while, eventually you hear the story of a wildly successful business that bloomed from humble beginnings. Well, this list tops them all. I love reading these kind of success stories. They serve to inspire on many different levels. Don’t stress about what you DON’T have. Focus on what you DO have and build on it every day. Read the full story


Why Businesses Need to Adopt an Aggressive Approach to Innovation

From cloud computing and artificial intelligence to robotics and 3D printers, Industry 4.0 technologies are evolving. Not only do they have more technical capabilities and organizational reach than they did just a few years ago, they are also more affordable—making them more accessible to organizations of all sizes. These Industry 4.0 technologies empower companies to undergo a digital transformation, an effort that can help companies save time and cut costs while also empowering them to […]

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