Rest in peace, Stan Lee

I was lucky enough to meet Stan Lee about 4 years ago in the reception area of Mattel in El Segundo.

Stan showed up with an entourage and I thought to myself, “Who would be important enough to show up with that many people!?”
I soon received my answer.

In walks Stan The Man himself.

I don’t usually get starstruck, but I was very excited to meet him. So, I introduced myself, much to the chagrin of his associates.
But he was very friendly to me and engaged in conversation. It was small talk for the most part and I let him know that I was a huge fan and he inspired me to become an artist. I also told him how I had submitted my artwork to Marvel to become an artist. I was turned down twice. But the advice I received from Marvel served me well and I’ve since built a great career as a commercial artist.

He was super nice to me and entertained my ramblings. At the end of it all, he shook my hand and wished me well. The phase “Excelsior!” was even uttered. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Stan Lee will be missed.

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